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Monday, March 22, 2010

What Makes Mona Lisa Smile...ooOH! item #330

What Makes Mona Lisa Smile. .. . ooOH is about enhanced female response!

Mona Lisa is different from some of BBP's other heighteners. The Tasty Twist and Cleopatra's Secret Creme have menthol to excite and tingle, and flavor to add a little something extra for your man. Menthol gives an immediate tingle, that fades in 5 - 15 m inutes, and for some women is actually so stimulating it's distracting.

Mona Lisa is different because it contains L-Arginine, an amino acid that is critical to the functioning of erectile tissue (penis, clitoris) Mona Lisa also contains menthol, but that's just because L-Arginine needs menthol to get into the skin - the molecule is too big to pass through without the menthol to open pores. Once it's in - it will eventually dissipate through the bloodstream, but it will hang around the pelvic area for a long time before it goes away. While the L-Arginine is there, it increases bloodflow and causes the pelvic area to become engorged (Never underestimate the power of bloodflow. Have you ever felt a throbbing sensation down there when you get really turned on? That's bloodflow working for you!) This effect can last for hours after the menthol tingle has faded, and better yet, it's cumulative! The more regularly you use Mona Lisa, the more responsive you are and the more heightened your libido will be in general - not just when you put more Mona Lisa on.

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