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Monday, March 22, 2010

Heated Passion item #116

To have enjoyable anal intercourse, it’s all about the preparation and relaxation. Obviously, it’s referred to as a “liquid anal eaze” for a reason. Use this cream that desensitizes the sphincter muscle as an anal lubricant to finally enjoy the delights of anal sex! It’s ideal for beginners who are ready to explore. Heated Passion contains benzocaine, which is the ingredient utilized to ease the discomfort sometimes experienced with anal penetration. It’s also has a gentle warming sensation on touch. Specially formulated with all natural ingredients and is glycerin and sugar free. This product has been formulated without water, therefore the lubrication is delightfully long lasting.
Because of the numbing effect, Heated Passion can also be used for ‘boo-boos’ such as bumps, scrapes, bruises, chicken pox, poison Ivy, bug bites, mosquito bites, bee stings, pulling out splinters, pulling out teeth, toothaches, ulcers, tweezing, tattoos. (check with your tattoo artist first)

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