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Monday, March 22, 2010

Forever Yours Prolong Cream item# 404 & 405

When you want your loving to last and last, apply a small amount of Forever Yours Prolong Cream to help increase his stamina. It gently desensitizes to increase staying power. Keeps him "up" and sends her up Up UP and AWAY. Delicately flavored with all natural food ingredients to prolong and encourage adventurous love-making. The Prolong Cream also works great for women to numb the gag reflex. Apply a small amount toward the back of the tongue. As it numbs, you will be able to perform "deep throat" with ease. (and he'll love you forever)

Tip: a tip to pass along to your female guests....... when they use the Prolong Cream on themselves to help with the gag reflex, make sure they apply it and WAIT a few minutes before going down on him. (they could fix their lipstick or brush their hair) Otherwise, they could end up numbing him........... and they'll be there all night!!!! (not a good idea huh?)

Available in Passion Fruit (404) and Mint (405).

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