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Monday, March 22, 2010

Kiss of Fire- Warming Lotion

Hot, Sensuous, and Tasty!!! These lotions come in all different flavors and are fun fun fun to use with your partner. They get hot when you rub them, hotter when you blow on them, and then you take a lick for a sweet candy treat. Rub and caress this wherever your mind and fingers can wander............. You can use them anywhere on the body, but thy especially great for giving oral sex. The heat will help get him going quicker and the candy taste puts something in it for you. Turn him into a big penis pop!

*Rub, Blow Suck..... Rub, Blow, Suck.

Honey Butter Kiss - Butterscotch

Hot & Steamy Kiss - Vanilla

Kiss of Paradise - Orange

Strawberry Smoothie Kiss

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