Whats in Your Brown Bag!?


Friday, March 12, 2010

Brown Bag Party

My name is Ann and I am an Independent Romance Consultant for Brown Bag Party. If you're not sure what Brown Bag Party (BBP) is check out the website www.brownbagparty.com/annie
You can find just about anything that you want to spice things up between sheets or whereever else you may do the deed!
Don't have anyone to spice things up with...not a problem! We carry a great line of toys!
Did i mention all of our products come with a Warranty?! Isn't that great!
I also offer discount coupons for first time customers and for refering a friend!
So check it, and don't worry its all confidential and discreat. Your product arrives in a simple brown box by Fedex and the shipping label is discreat with the return address as BBP Inc. So your nieghbor won't know, your kids won't know its completely private!

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