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Monday, March 22, 2010

Silky Sheets

Silky Sheets

(with pheromones to attract the opposite sex & increase confidence)

This talc based spray is very versatile and can be used as a linen, room or body spray.

Spray a light mist over your body to smell feminine and beautiful. The talc sprays on dry so your skin is soft & sexy. The pheromones immediately go to work making others be more attracted to you!

Spray it on your sheets before you make the bed and when you pull them down at night the beautiful scent is released. A fine layer of talc leaves your sheets feeling silky and there are those added pheromones to encourage some romance. Another handy use for Silky Sheets is to dry up the “wet spot” after lovemaking (you know no one wants to sleep in the wet spot). Just point and spray and it's fixed!

Use it as a room spray and let the beautiful scent permeate your entire room.

577 Lavender

578 Plumeria

579 Pear Blossom

580 Mystical Musk

581 Spring Rain

582 Orange Mango

583 Vanilla Fields

584 Botanical Breeze

Cannot be shipped via 2nd Day Air.

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