Whats in Your Brown Bag!?



Traditional Vibrators
     * typically shaped like a penis
     * Range from 5-8 inches
     * Good choice for Beginners

G-Spot Vibrators
     * Have a curve at the end to make hitting hte g-spot much easier
               -Wild Orchid Item 850 (Latex Free & WaterProof)
               -Royal Treatment Item 876 (Latex Free)
               - The 5 Series Item 724
              - The Beaded Dolphin Item 706
              -Insatiable G Item 714 (WaterProof)
              -G-Spot Tickler Item 836 & 837
              -Jelly-G Item 800 (Waterproof)
              -The Pearl Rain Item 741 ( Waterproof & Latex Free)
              -Rock Chick Item 934 (Waterproof & Latex Free)
These are just a few....

Clitoral Vibrators
     *Direct Clitoral Stimulation
     *Range from mini non-insertable vibrators to attachments to traditional vibrators
          -Honey Bee item 826
          -Queen Been item 825
          -The Eager Beaver Item 875
          -The Beehive Item 725 (Latex Free)
These are just a few.....

Egg Vibrators
     *Small & relatively simple
     *Holds a strong punch, bu usually have a variety of vibration modes.
          -Silver Bullet Item 766
          -One Touch Wireless Item 835 (Waterproof)
          -One Touch For a Cure Item 777 (waterproof & latex Free) *$.50 goes to help fight breast cancer**
These are just a few....

Hands Free Vibrators
     *Directly stimulate the clitoris without using your hands
     *Available with leg straps or suction pump systems.
     *Stimulates the clitoris while leaving the vagina exposed
          -Bull Ring Item 791
          -Venus Butterfly Item 772
          -Midnight Encounter Item 729 (Latex Free)
          -Twin Rabbit Item 843
These are just a few....

Anal Vibrators
     *Designed with flared bottoms or pull strings to avoid getting lost.
     *Increases stimulation during masturbation, foreplay or intercourse.
          -Lava Thai Beads Item 786
          -The Vibrating Plug Item 781
          -Beads of Paradise Item 726 (Latex free & Water-resistant) *Bendable
These are just a few...

Multi-Purpose Vibrators
     *Designed to stimulate more than one area at a time.
     *Basic models for females include traditional vibrators extensions like clit ticklers, suction & anal stimulators.
     *More advanced models can spin & penetrate!
          -Wiggly Wonder Item 755 (Latex Free)
           -Double Penetrator Item 845 *Bendable
These are just a few....